About NoCAN

The NoCan IoT platform enables the creation of a very reliable wired network composed of Arduino-compatible nodes connected through CAN bus, targetting application domains where wireless approaches are not satisfactory. Each node features a 32-bit ARM cortex microcontroller (SAMD21G18) and the network is managed by a Raspberry-Pi.

You can control your network with the command line, a smartphone, a browser, MQTT or JSON/REST! And of course, NoCAN is open-hardware so you can incorporate in your own design without any restrictions. Read more about the NoCAN platform or watch our Kickstarter video.

Read more about the NoCAN platform

Getting started

You just bought NoCAN hardware and you don't know where to start? Have no fear! We got you covered with our big installation tutorial.

And if you can't figure something out, come and ask for help on our Forums.

Installation tutorial

Interfaces: CLI, Blynk, MQTT, REST, the web, etc.

NoCAN is a strongly interoperable platform that does not rely on any "proprietary cloud" to stay alive. Our command line utility nocanc allows controlling your network from a Linux machine, a Windows PC or a Mac.Learn to:


Check out the following links for detailed information about our hardware and the firmware that powers it:

Unless otherwise indicated, all hardware design files are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 and all software is licensed under MIT.

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You can find the Omzlo CANZERO and the Omzlo PiMaster on our Online store.